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News for 15 August, 1999.
I've removed all the links from this page. You'll have to go over the my VirtualAve site to see the content. Why don't you? I'm not updating this page anymore. This is my last post in Geocities. Farewell.

News for 13 August, 1999.
Yes, I know I skipped updating yesterday. But I have a good reason to do so. THIS PAGE IS OFFLINE. Starting from right now. All of the links to your left still work as I tranfer my entire site but NOTHING more will be added to this page as I've MOVED. Yes, I've moved to VirtualAve.com. CGI makes life easier...think of automated daily postings, links submission, posts page, text counters.....you get the general idea. The aherdofturtles.cjb.net address will reflect this change RIGHT NOW. Basically, everything here will be moved to VirtualAve, because of CGI. Plus, you can now join Aherdofturtles and make your own doodles about daily life. So why not

Head Right Over There

News for 11 August, 1999.
CGI is almost up.
Yep, I'm working on a news posting cgi script over at VirtualAve - Prohosting's ftp thing really sucked so RaZoR helped me with about 5 URLs (ahg). Also getting a link-updater CGI and a archive CGI, should be fun, but don't count on it. Today is an off day for pages, I'm too tired, what's more Dexter's Lab is showing on Cartoon Network. I'm too tired to do anything. Anybody know how to train warriors in Settlers3? I want to get out of here quick.
Aherdofturtles.VirtualAve.Net (opening soon).

News for 10 August, 1999.
Shit, I am going crazy,
Finished the photo page - well, I'll add more to it later but there's an aweful lot of stuff to it right now so go check it out. Also finished an interactive, in the photo page. Should be fun. Ummm - today I'm going to try to get some CGI working at Prohosting (I got a reply!). I also got a new computer table and chair (spiffy), a new desk for my room and I completely rearranged my room so there's a HUGE space right in the center (yes!). Beanbag comes next. I'll be doing an interactive on my room tomorrow (I hope because my Computer Studies is killing me).
Aherdofturtles' Photos!
Interactive - Grade 7 - In Black and White.

News for 10 August, 1999.
Completion is completing.
Finished the 'Current Link' page is done! Yes! Now you can add your link and it will appear in my list! Wohooo! Also changed the order of the random buttons and changed the email script a bit. Ooops - nearly forgot, I've finished the 'Contact Us/Profiles' page...wohooo! Read all about the great three 'man' team in neat profile layout. And yes, I've been working overtime on this, so... to sort out any questions you have to ask about the code on this site, the 'Legal Notice' page is up. Click the link here or click on the blue link way at the bottom of any page. And it just keeps on going and going! I've finished 'My Vacation of '99' so you people can read about it before it gets too old. Woooohoooo! The 'Staff' section is complete! Yes! And by the way, as I was finishing the 'History' page, came across an old graphic I made when I was in grade 7. See, I still am a Notepad user. Pure Notepad.
Current Links.
Contact Us/Profiles.
My Vacation of '99.
Legal Notice.

Sssssomebody sssstop me.
Whoohoo! Finished another page - our Mission Statement. A MS is always important. Ditto with the 'History' of Aherdofturtles.
AHoT Mission Statement.
AHoT History.

Today's SLotD comes from the ONLY boy-band I can stand (without throwing my radio out of the window) - Five.

If you're gettin' down baby
I want it now baby
Come on get it on baby
I want it now baby
If you're gettin' down baby
I want it now baby
Move it all around baby
I want it now baby

No, unlike some people, I don't have a dance for it.

News for 9 August, 1999.
Sorry, no new pages complete today - I was working on my computer studies....yes they give you homework over your summer vacation - I believe Rutt's exact words were "It's not my project, I won't push you, but if you don't do this then you'll DIE IN HELL." (some words were emphasized and/or chronologicaly changed for dramatic effect). So I was hard at work doing some Exel graphs which were just -da bomb-. But no worries, this page will be up by next month...hopefully...no, I'm working overtime. Next to come is the 'Current Links' page and everything under the 'Staff' section (which is just me at the moment :(). Besides I have a lot of work to do. But on a side note, I DID add two NEW buttons! Just reload to see buttons to the Toilet and icantwin.com.
The Toilet.
I Can't Win!

Ever wondered what my door looks like? Well there you go. You can click the picture for a close up view of Garfield or you can view the whole thing from the link below...yeah, I know you really wanted to know how my door looks but I was BORED. All these pictures will find themselves in the Photo section one day. And as a special treat, press Ctrl + D and you will see naked women.
The Picture Enlarged.
A close up of garfield...and that sign below him.

Yippee! This page is getting totally out of hand so last month's posts are all somewhere else...blame it on the weatherman. You can click on the link on this post or the link at the bottom of the page.
The July Posts.

Today's come from FOOL'S GARDEN, a group that has only managed to make one good song (I can't BELIEVE I bought their album, it's too S-L-O-W. But Lemon Tree rocks.

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see
Is just a yellow lemon tree
I'm turning my head
Up and down
I'm turning turning turning around
and all that I can see
Is just a yellow lemon tree

Yes...yes, I know they are Scandinavian.

And you might be wondering why I don't put song titles on any of my SLotDs...that's for me to know and you to find out...mhahhahah.

News for 8 August, 1999.
Rat attack.
Two rats were caught in my attic today. Very sick. Think of the smell. Now think of my room. And they were rather big rats so it isn't funny at all. Added a (NYD) thing to every page still Not Yet Done.

Change is good.
Layout got a little messed - I've deleted the 'Special Interest' bit and stuck it under the 'Opinions/Views' part because it got a little messy. But even that's not done yet so you can't click on it:) Also added a 'View Old Guestbook' link down there. Tasks for today: Email and Views/Opinions pages...yeah. And besides, it's too early in the morning nowadays. "Do you smoke after sex?" "I haven't checked baby."

More Pages Complete
Done is the Email page - where you can send me anything from links to buttons to the frequent 'I hate your guts because you're Asian' thing. I'm also in the process of moving from this hellhole into a better provider. No banners, no adverts, free hosting, and CGI!!!!! Prohosting rules...for today - as I haven't heard from them yet.
Flame me.

News for 7 August, 1999.
Finally, a Page Complete!
Yes! I've finally finished one page! The page ABOUT MYSELF is done! Yes! It includes various photos of me and of course, two other special guests :). Check it out, it's a good read because I made it long. Also, I've installed a new guestbook - for no reason at all, below is a link to the old guestbook so you can read and view all the creative entries that were written down....for what reason I have no idea. I have a very serious guestbook problem right now.......wait....shit....okay...still not fixed. I'll do it tomorrow. Shit. Shit. What a total mess this whole editing guestbook thing. Okay. Click the 'reply button - REPLY BUTTON in a Guestbook? STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID. Yahoo! is stupid.
About Myself.
Old Geobook Entries.
Sign the New Guestbook. (hint: click the 'reply' button')

New CD (well, sorta, I just lost it from my last update:)

Fastball - All the Pain Money Can Buy
A very very good album, The Way is recorded too softly for my liking although most of the other songs give off a very 'warm fuzzy feeling.'

Sometimes I feel
Like I am drunk behind the wheel
The wheel of possibility
However it may roll
Give it a spin
See if you can somehow factor in
You know there's always more than one way
To say exactly what you mean to say

Woah, now that was deep.

More Updates.
Yey! I finally got the dark green thing to go all the way around...it also crashed my browser 9 times in the process. More stuff to complain about Microsoft. Today is also the day in which I do a lot of pages with the new layout...I mean I do a lot of the main pages...we'll see how we get along today and whether we're in the mood for HTML, right now, it's lunchtime.

Added the color tag thing so the 'bar' on your left is now a very dark green which looks sorta good. Also added new links (though I haven't done them yet) and I've sorted out a new format for links in my posts...all sounds rather complex isn't it?

Roshan Mahanama Retired! Oh no. We are at loss here. I cannot picture the team without him. He was a standing pillar and a good man and all that crap which I made up right now.

News for 6 August, 1999.
Looky Looky!
I found this lovely picture in Encarta...it was the FIRST picture you see in the turtle entry....very interesting. I'll leave the rest to imagination and I'm uploading this page right now baby! Did you know that humans are the only animals to have sex facing each other? Did you also know that humans and dolphins are the only creatures that have sex for fun? I bet you didn't so I get that gold star.
More Turtle Links.

Sadly IE4 enhanced.
Yes, unfortunately this page is IE4 enhanced. And yes I know there is an IE5, but I was thinking of trying my skills with Browser 4 programming and I didn't have a copy of Netscape Communicator so that kinda stank. I do know that the frame title things get really really messed up in N3 Gold, but I couldnt' help it...I'm giving in to Microsoft! Helpppppp...

Don't click anywhere to your left.
I still haven't finished ANY of the pages to your left...so don't click them. Just enjoy the vibes of the front page. Just WISH you could make as awesomely COOL graphics as I can...nya.

New things.
Funkily...better layout, IE4 enhanced (check out the blinking link things), random button thingy (made by me, I'm very proud), a legal notice, an opportunity to actually join this page (very limited loser) and a bunch of other things which I can't remember - but it'll be there.

Yeah, new layout, same old content though...but I will be adding more. Y'know what's really shitty? I've just discovered that Geocities, my very stupid provider does NOT support .cgi or .pl extensions. Shitty. That's why I couldn't get an automated link updater, a post-it note thingy or a very-much-needed news poster program WHICH I HAVE ON MY HARD DRIVE BUT IS NO USE TO BE NOW AND THAT SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. That's why I'm looking for a good provider. PLEASE anybody??? Preferably one which can support scripts and one that doesn't need ftp uploading (death to Cute). And it'd be really nice to get a sub domain too... but I'm really trying here aren't I? Well, if you can push me towards one I would be eternally grateful and your name would be on all the countless pages I make...

Please RaZoR!!!! I Need Out Of This Hellhole.
Geocities - a very shitty provider.
Another equally stupid provider.
A good provider, but too mindboggling to contemplate.

News IN ADVANCE of 17 August, 1999 because the date right now is the 4rth of August.
Houston, we have a problem.
Today, school is -supposed- to start. I don't know, nor do I actually *want* to go to school...but, it'd be kinda good to know so if you know when's school starting, give me a call and please tell me cos then I can get there in time for PE... PS: This is the post in ADVANCE of the date...this may be the first of it's kind on the web...woah. That's just too fantastic. Y'know what, in our next music lesson, instead of playing our intruments normally, you know what'd be really cool? We could play them -backwards-?!!! Ahahahahahah...sound familiar? Should.
School! (see if you can see me in one of those photos)

News of 4 August, 1999.
Oh yeah baby, I know you've been waiting for this and all, yeah yeah eay eyah. Okay okay, to your left, you will see a new link (in red fool), about my vacation! Wooooooooo. Hooray. Photos from it (including a really smashing one with me bonding with a gold stick...nofunnyideasnow...) will (as usual) come out 3 months from now when we have our Christmas holidays (I DO make sure that I wait long enough till nobody cares about them...then again, I could be just lazy). But the real reason for the delay is that they weren't taken by a digital camera so I got to scan every single one of them (well, someone else has to scan them for I am scannerless...thatsoundedreallyreallygross...).

Limp Bizkit Song Lyrics.
Ahem...song lyrics of the day (SLotD) and incidently very hardcore rock (silly me).

Ah well I guess it would be nice
If I had to touch your bo-a-dy
I know that everybo-a-dy
Has got a body like me
But I gotta think twice
Befo-a-re I give my heart away
And I know all the games you play
Cos I play them too-o-o-o-o
Oohh well I need some time off from
That emotion...{Skip to the Good Part}

Well I gotta have FAAAAAIIIITTTRRRTHHHHHRHRHTHHHrrrrrrrrhhggggggggggg

That was very liberating.

The July Posts.

Thanks for actually squinting here.
Special thanks to Sher, for without her, AHoT could never be and I'm sorry for that night.
This small space is not enough to thank everyone.
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