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I love Santas. So 4 years ago I started handsculpting Santas. Each with his own unique personality. I make Traditional, European, Old World, African, Patriotic, Pinecone, Cowboys, Indian...

width=131 Nature Nik width=155 Texaklas

Nature Nik

In the backwoods he lives With Gods natural riches Each year he gives Good children gifts, but if their naughty they receive only twigs and switches!


He comes from Texas Where they grow'm tall He does no shopp'n at the mall, he just gives them elves a call!

width=151 Uncle Sam A. Claus width=155 Father Forest

Uncle Sam A. Claus

This Uncle Sam gives a real patriot he is!

Father Forest

Deep in the forest he lives with little elves making the toys he gives to the children whom think not only of themselves!

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Teresa Simpson

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