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Interests are Keeping up in the latest fashions for the ladies, writing, shopping, cooking, surfing the net, talking about and and collecting different brands, styles and colors of PANTYHOSE. My PASSION is PANTYHOSE and HEELS. I play the guitar and love to sing. I also like to help manage the Pantyhose_N_Heels channel with my friend "SilkTiger" better known as Teslan on


I remember as I was growing up I had such a facination for stockings. My granny was always wearing them and I liked to sit at her feet and sneak a touch of the soft nylons she was wearing. I loved the feel of the silky fabric, and one day I found the place she was hideing her treasures. They were located in a box and I remember crawling over into the box and wrapping the nylons from head to toe having them stretched over my head, my arms and my legs. I remember thinking, one day I will have pretty stockings and have as many as I wish to have. I was having the time of my life when I felt a firm hand on my shoulder and needless to say, I had been caught! Granny really fussed at me and told me I would have to wait untill I grew up to wear stockings. I remember crying and wishing I could stay in that little box with the soft warm feel of the material. Since then many years have passed and I have worn them since I was 16 and I have loved each and every minute of it.

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