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Updated for the week of March 3, 1997

A toddler's world

Imagine only being 2 1/2 feet tall, and just beginning to explore the world! It's exciting, frusturating, a little scary and quite a bit fun! At 21 months, Peyton is verging on independence, and enjoys life to the fullest! Every new activity, outing, and experience shapes her and how she views the world.

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Rainy Days

Not a "craft", but a lot of fun! Note: This activity requires constant adult supervision. You might as well play too!

Create a Rice Table, an indoor variation of the sandbox! You will need a large but shallow tub (about 4" deep). Fill it with about 2" of uncooked rice. Add some scoops and cups and have fun! If your child has never played in rice or a sandbox, you may have to take the lead! Remember, children learn by example! Peyton only tried to "eat" the rice once, be sure to watch for this.

Activities from Prior Weeks

From February

Make Stained Glass , toddler style! You will need a square of clear contact paper, small tissue paper squares in assorted colors, and confetti made of paper (not metallic, in case of accidental injestion). Lay the contact paper down on the table, sticky side up. You will need to tape it or hold it down while your child works. Let her attach pieces of tissue paper and confetti to the contact paper. When finished, adhere to teh inside of teh window where she can see it. Lots of fun not too messy, and a proud child (and parent)!

Rainy weather makes outings tough sometimes. This week we went to feed the ducks.Peyton doesn't seem to mind light sprinkles of rain, and neither do the ducks! We really enjoy this outing and watching Peyton quack and talk to them! Fortunately, we bought fresh bread to feed the ducks with, because Peyton had no intention sharing the bread. She just stood there quacking and eating it herself!

Peyton's Picks

ParentSoup. This place has something for everyone who has ever given birth. A great breath of fresh air for busy parents, with a daily parenting poll where you can see instant results.

Sesame Street. This is where Peyton's favorite characters hang out. She is addicted.

PBS. Public Broadcasting Service. A great web page with info on their programming. Peyton likes to visit Thomas the Tank Engine for the coloring pages.

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