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The "Official" THOMAS Surname Page continues to grow, particularly the fellow THOMAS researchers page. New researchers are being added all the time! I'm still looking for input from others, so if you have a great color gif of the Thomas crest, or something like that, drop me a line at

I've added a new page with my wife's data, "Squeaky's Genealogy Page", so check out her surnames too.

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Chronology of Surnames (those being actively researched) [IMAGE]

ANDREWS England -> Virginia -> North Carolina (1800's) -> Tennessee (1820's - 1880's) -> Texas (1900's+)
BARRETT Ireland -> North Carolina (1800's - 1830's)
BRADSHAW England -> ? -> Tennessee (1810's) -> Alabama (1820's - 1830's) -> Texas (1840+)
CARRELL Ireland -> ? -> Pennsylvania (1720's - 1740's) -> Tennessee
CLOWER Alabama -> Mississippi (1820's) -> Texas (1850+)
DUNGAN Dublin, Ireland (1550's) -> Rhode Island (1630's) -> Bucks County, Pennsylvania (1680's - ?)
FAIRCLOTH North Carolina (1780's - 1850's)
GILLILAND Scotland(?) -> ? -> Virginia (1740's - ?) Tennessee (1790's - 1820's)
HARDIN ? -> New York -> Texas (1860+)
HUTCHINGS South Carolina (1840's) -> Texas (1860+)
MCCLELLAN Scotland -> Georgia (late 1700's)-> Tennessee (1810's - 1820's)
THOMAS Kentucky (1790's) -> Tennessee (1820's - 1830's) -> Mississippi (1840) -> Texas (1845+)
TINKER Missouri (1810's) -> Arkansas (1840's - 1850's) -> Texas (1860's+)
WEAR England -> Pensylvania (early 1700's) -> Virginia (1750's- ?) -> Tennessee (1780's - 1820's)

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