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71st (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment.

  "There is no task which a TA soldier cannot perform as well as a regular soldier, given sufficient training" Lt Gen Sir Michael Rose.

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The Territorial Army is an integral part of the British Army. When you decide to join, you will become one of some 59, 000 soldiers. Like you, these soldiers tend to have normal full time civillian occupations and have given up some of their leisure time to become part of highly trained units which will support and augment the Regular Army.

But its not all work and no play. As you can see from below and will find out when you join use, "it's more than a hobby, it's an adventure". Over a period of time you will make new friends. They will be friends that you can joke and laugh with, but above all they will be friends you can depend on in a crisis.

Role of the Regiment

To provide communications support within the 4 Division and London District areas to the Regional Brigades for all military operations envisaged by the Integrated Contingency Planning process.

To provide the Government with a national HF radio network in order to operate in the most extreme circumstances. This network is known as the National Communication Radio System (NCRS).

71 (Y) Signal Regiment consists of the following TA Signal Squadrons:

68 (Inns of Court & City Yeomanry) Signal Squadron - TA Centres at Lincolns Inn & Whips Cross.

70 (Essex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron - TA Centres at Chelmsford & Harlow.

265 (Kent & County of London Yeomanry) Signal Squadron - TA Centres at Bexleyheath & Brighton.


What you get from us

  • Excellent standard of pay
  • Substantial tax free bounty
  • Military training
  • Trade Qualifications
    • Telecommunications Operator (TG)
    • Driver Electrican
    • Telecommunications Technician (Radio)
    • Pay Clerk
    • Chef's
  • Possibility of National Vocational Qualification
  • Physical Fitness
  • Driver Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Outdoor pursuit activities
  • Good Social Life


What we want from you

  • Commitment
  • 16 days per year of Weekend training, although people often do more.
  • 15 days annual camp.
  • Regular attendance at weekly training evenings.

The Future

The TA takes it place alongside the Regular Forces in both peace and war. The strong tradition of the Volunteer ethos and commitment to service will be as important as ever a the TA takes on new roles.

Professionalism and flexibility will be required in order that the TA can flourish and be rewarding to both volunteers and to the Country.


Interested, and you are 17 - 32, a UK citizen, relatively fit, in good health and able to put in the time, then why not call into your nearest TA Centre, drill nights are on Tuesdays and ask for details about joining.

71 (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment
Watling Street


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