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     Our family consists of just the three of us.  Chad works for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the church office building in down town Salt Lake City Utah.  He also works as a technician/enabler.  He is available for consulting or application programming with Microsoft Office and VBA.  Learn more about VBAMagic or contact him. He went to the Peru Arequipa Mission. There is a mailing list for the returned missionaries of the Peru Arequipa Mission who served under President Zuzunaga.  If you or someone you know is not on the list please use the form below to keep in contact.

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      My name is April and I work at JCPenney  in the accounts payable department.  I really enjoy my job.  I only work part time but I am a full time mother and I enjoy that job best of all.  I went on a Mission to the Ohio Columbus Mission.  My hobbies include scrap booking, sewing, rubber-stamping and collecting stickers.  My favorite stickers are Suzy Zoo Stickers.  You can go to my craft corner.  There are good ideas and links to sites also that have craft ideas for kids.

      Trevor is our little boy.  He is 16 Months old and already becoming a talker. Trevor is walking everywhere and he can even stand back up when he falls down. He just got his two top teeth.  He already had his two bottom teeth.  He also has 4 more teeth on the way. He talks a lot. He learned how to say cookie. He was at the babysitter’s house and she was giving her kids cookies and he wanted one so he said "Me Cookie?" Now he says it all the time. He is very smart too... He knows how to put a videotape in the VCR. When he wants to watch his movie he puts the tape in the VCR or if there is another tape in the VCR he will bring the tape to me so I can do it for him. He has a one-track mind. All day long he says, “Bath mom? Bath?” He keeps repeating this until I give him a bath. After I take him out he starts over again. I think it is very funny.


     In other news for our family: the Olympics were fun while they were here.  We got to go to the dress rehearsal for the opening ceremonies and a Medals Ceremony. We saw the Bare Naked Ladies in concert. It was fun. We also spent president’s day from about noon-7: 30 at night wandering around in SLC seeing the sights. It was very fun. Then on the last day we drove up above Rice Eccles Stadium to watch the fireworks of the closing Ceremonies and were surrounded by them. It was really neat and very loud. Trevor’s comment after it was over was, “Wow, light go boom, boom, boom.”  It took him several minutes to make this comment.

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