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Hi I'm matchgirl.
I have associated with "the world's largest bookstore":

I want to tell you about some books that relate to match cover collecting and they are a fab place to shop online. (Offline I recommend a place like Border's or Dalton's where you can have a cuppa and browse.)

Please feel free to use their search form for any books or subjects you are after. The have over 2.5 million books so you may find something good.

Here are some matchcovers to look at.

click for pic click for pic

You can see a larger version by clicking on the picture.

Please use my guest book to leave me a message about catagories of matchcovers you would like to see. I will try to be responsive and post new covers frequently.

You can also E-mail me.

Here is a great book for pricing and general info. By the way you can order directly from Amazon by clicking on the title.

The Matchcover Collector's Price Guide :
The Comprehensive Reference Book and Price Guide to Matchcovers
by Bill Retskin
2nd Edition
Paperback, 304 pages
Published by Antique Trader
Publication date: February 1998

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