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Storybook Kiddles

Liddle Bo Peep Liddle Kiddles were introduced by Mattel in 1965. The first, second, and third series of Kiddles ranged in size from 2-3/4 to 3-1/2 inches in size. They were the inspiration of Elliot Handler, co-founder of Mattel. There were many varieties including series on Storybook Kiddles which consisted of seven elaborately dressed dolls with fairy tale and nursey rhyme themes.

Kozmic Kiddles

Kozmic Kiddles Kiddles even came from outer space. They even came in their own space ships and moonbase rocks and even had antennas. As true space creatures, if you place a Kozmic Kiddle under bright light then turn off the light, you will see that they glow in the dark.

Animiddle Kiddles

Kiddle Tiger

In 1969, Mattel issued four tiny animals, each 2" tall called Animiddles. They consisted of Lucky Lion, Tiny Tiger, Dainty Deer and Miss Mouse. Each had yarn hair and tail and a special safety pin on the back so you could wear them as a corsage.

Kologne Kiddles

Kiddle Kolognes

One of the most popular series were the Kiddle Kolognes. These 2 inch dolls came inside perfume bottles that were scented with the fragrances of their names. Who could resist Rosebud, Violet, Honeysuckle, Sweat Pea, Lily of the Valley, Apple Blossom, Blue Bell, Gardenia, and Orange Blossom.

Locket KiddlesRing Kiddle

Lucky Locket & Jewelry Kiddles

Lucky Locket Kiddles were introducted in 1967. You could wear them as a necklace or bracelet or take them off the chain and clip them in your hear, belt, or anywhere. The Kiddles were 2 inches in size. These miniature Kiddles came with a locket, chain and clasp. The back of the locket had a clip. There were Gold Lockets from '67, Pastel Lockets from '68, and Gold Rush Lockets from '69.

There were also Jewelry Kiddles which were smaller than the Lucky Lockets. Some of these Kiddles were 7/8 to 1-1/16 inches in size. There were bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Frosty Mint Kone

Sweet Treat Kiddles

In 1969 Mattel came up with the clever idea of Sweet Treat Kiddles which consisted of Kiddles in ice cream cones and lollipops. The Kones were Frosty Mint, Orange Ice Kone, and Tutti Frutti. Lollipops were Lolli-Grape, Lolli-Lemon, and Lolli-Mint.

Kola Kiddles

In 1968 Mattel issued 6 new Kiddles in bottles. The dolls were 2" tall and came in 5" bottles. Each was a different flavor. There were citrus and berry flavors. Each wore outfits that matched their flavor. They were Shirley Strawberry, Laffy Lemon, Greta Grape, Olivia Orange, Kleo Kola, and Luscious Lime.


Sweet Treats Sundaes

The last Kiddle type dolls by Mattel were introduced in 1979. They continued the theme of the Sweet Treat Kiddles from 10 years before. This time they used ice cream sundaes. Each miniature Kiddle was included in a 10" plastic sundae that opened with as a playset with furniture. The sundae pictured on the left is Chocolottie's Sundae. Also available were Strawberry Mary Sundae and Caramelli Sundae.

Kiddle Case

Kiddle Accessories

Many accessories followed such as paperdolls, games, puzzles, coloring books, cases and playhouses to name a few.

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