Here I have collected all the Compendiums on one page, since it will soon be too much to keep on the main page. While I'm at it now, why don't you give me a suggestion as to which race should get the next compendium (and if you include an article for that race the chance becomes much greater), I am at a loss for that.


High Elves: The Compendium

Much material for any of you High Elf players

Wood Elves: the Compendium

Beware, enemies of the Wood, here comes the Wood Elves!

The Empire: the Compendium

The Combined might of the Empire of the Old World, just a click away.

Undead: the Compendium

Finally, the Undead hordes of Nagash the liche lord have got a Compendium!

Orcs and Goblins: the Compendium

Waaaaaaaaaaargh - da orcs is 'ere! Yes, it's everyone's favourite greenskins, as brutal and humoristic as ever.

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